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A Relaxing Massage in a Pleasant Ambiance

  W E   A R E   O P E N ! 

The new Covid Protocol is in full swing in order for everyone to be as safe as possible.

*All of us at Kaya's Massage & PEMF  pray you are all well.  As you can imagine, our therapist who are working, hands on want to be just as cautious as many of you and we all feel the protocol listed below fits us well.  

*We have been re-opened since Monday, June 15th and are running our regular hours, 10:00am to 9:00pm 7 days a week.  The phone at Kaya's and this website will have updates if needed.    (231) 943-1777  Call Now!

*We never want to be responsible for the spread of the virus, so we will do everything we can to minimize that here at Kaya's.  We want everyone to remain healthy including our great therapist, Kaya, Mimi, & Lily and David in PEMF, so that we may serve you.  Take care of yourself and your families and we are doing the same.  

You must call for an Appointment.  (231) 943-1777      NO WALK -INS  AT THIS TIME.   Honesty is in the best interest of everyone and we will error on the side of caution when ever it seems necessary.  Thank you in advance for being in that same state of mind.

Some customers have had their shots and it is meant to help you from attracting the virus within 10-30 days after your 2nd shot.  You may however be A-symptomatic with the virus.  We here at Kaya's will continue with our protocol below including the wearing of masks.  As mentioned above, our therapist need to have the feeling of safety in order to do their jobs, so masks remain nesseccary.

CURRENT PROTOCOL -  SAFETY CHANGES THAT APPLY:  You will need to answer a series of questions when you call.  Please be honest. 

LOBBY DOOR IS LOCKED:  There are no walk ins at this time.  Everything is by appointment. 

1. If you have had any symptoms: sore throat, feel sluggish, cough, sneezing, slight fever or anything less than 100%, then take a couple weeks and call us later. Thumbs up - B safe.  Our goal is to keep everyone safe, including our great staff.

2. If you have been around anyone who was sick or someone in your family is sick or traveled out of the state in the last week, then again - for everyone's safety, take a couple weeks, making sure you are feeling fine, and call us later.  Many Thanks.

3.  No walk ins - So please call (231) 943-1777 and make an appointment.  At your appointment time, Upon entering Kaya's in your mask, use the hand sanitizer provided.

4.  Please be aware there will be a series of questions for you when making your appointment.  

5.  Appointments will be staggered on the clock to avoid more than one person in our lobby at one time.  We will regulate the traffic.

6.  Stay in your car when you arrive and make us aware you are here.  A staff member will come out and get you when it is your turn.

7.  Your temperature will be taken with a (no touch) thermometer aimed at your forehead on the porch near the door.

8.  Bring your own mask and have it on when you enter the building.  Masks are required to enter the building.   

9.  Everything will be sanitized between customers, so be aware that it may take a minute or two after you see a person leaving B4 you.

10.  Exact change cash preferred, please try to have exact change including your tip to keep money exchanges to a minimum.

11.  SORRY:  - Our Credit Card service is not available.  Please be ready with cash for services.

12.  If there is a PEMF customer in the lobby, please practice a minimum of 6' social distance from them by remaining by the counter.

13.  Couples massage is still available for the same room providing your addresses match on your IDs.

14.  Rest room is still available, and we will be sanitizing after every use.

15.  All of our staff have been trained with up to date safety measures to ensure your safety and theirs.

16. Therapist have all been isolated, and wearing masks for the time that we have been closed and they will all be wearing masks.

17. The counter is equip with a protective screen and money exchange will take place across the counter. 

18.  BYO water.  We will not be handing water cups to each other under the new guidelines.  

19.  Remember all the guidelines are set up for everyone's safety, so be aware it will take a little extra time setting up an app.


K A Y A ' S O P E N 7 DAYS A WEEK! Kaya's is announcing they will be open for Massage 7 days a week:  from 10:00am to 9:00pm for your massage needs. So now you can enjoy the best Asian Massage of your dreams all week long. Conveniently located at 508 W 14th Street. Our most popular massage is the Chinese Traditional Massage at $65.00/hour & $90.00/90 minutes or $130.00/2 hours. David is available for  PEMF as well on Mondays.  MASSAGE APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE ALL SEVEN (7) DAYS 


Please call us at (231) 943-1777 for an appointment.  Traverse City, MI


Experience quality massage treatments from friendly and professional therapists at Kaya’s Massage & PEMF in Traverse City, Michigan. Kaya, Mimi & Lily are available for Chinese Traditional Massage. We have over thirty years of combined industry experience, giving us an edge that will keep you coming back for more. We are confident that after you experience a massage from our great staff, you will be back and telling your friends about it. Word of Mouth (WOM) is everything in this service and repeat business is what we strive for. The PEMF treatments that David has administered to over 3000 individuals, have helped customers with a better quality of life. Lets get you closer to Pain Free living.


PEMF RENTAL UNIT:  is available as well: The PEMF rental unit is available now so you take it home for a month. Who will be the next person/family to enjoy having the PEMF rental at home for a full month. Get your name on deck for next month. See the next Page on this site for more PEMF details, or call and talk to David.

Humans and animals benefit from PEMF

Dave has administered treatments to over 3000 patients and has found that this amazing technology- PEMF is up for any challenge. You name it: backs, shoulders, necks, knees, ankles, muscle pains, cramps, stiffness, range of motion, circulation, migraines and much, much more. There are many great stories on FB and all you have to do is type in - Pulsed Magnetics - in the search bar of FB. Treat your dog or even your horse to a pampering session that will relax their body and help keep them healthy. Our pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is just as beneficial to your faithful companions as it is to you! PEMF As seen on ESPN at the 2017 & 2018 Kentucky Derby featuring treatments.  

Feel Comfortable in Our Homey Rooms

Take a deep breath and feel the calm and refreshing atmosphere created by our parlor’s clean and plush interiors. Each corner of our shop is specifically designed to help you unwind and feel at home before, during, and after your treatment.


Hired: Kaya's Massage and PEMF has hired Mimi and Lily, who also deliver the Chinese Traditional Massage, plus our entire menu of massages seen below including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Gua-Sha and Foot Reflexology. We offer Celestial Couple Massage as well. Kaya's is located in Traverse City, MI. Call between 10:00am and 9:00pm for an appointment at (231) 943-1777 - seven (7) days a week. We (WILL NOT) take Walk Ins under the new protocol listed above.  Call today. Please do not email for an appointment - Call us. Thanks.  

Pricing Information*


Chinese Traditional  

60 minutes


90 Minutes


2 hours


Deep Tissue

60 minutes 


PEMF Pulsed Magnetics LLC

12 minutes


16 minutes


20 minutes


Over 20 minutes

$1.45 per minute

Tanner  Wolfe system salon

20 minutes


100 minutes


200 minutes


*We also offer Tanning in a State of the Art Wolfe Salon. Simple $5 for 20 minute sessions in our New Bulbs.  See above

*Tanning packages available as well. $22.00 for 100 minutes and $40.00 for 200 minutes.  Our tanner is a well kept secrete here at Kaya's facility.  It's availability is very easy.

**GIFT CERTIFICATES:   are available for Massage, PEMF and Tanning

*All of our prices are tax-free.

A Friendly Reminder

We are professional and licensed massage therapists. Please be courteous and refrain from asking for any inappropriate services. You will find that our compassionate approach to touch and our friendly demeanor will have you coming back for more.

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